Sanipure Pure Compact – UV-C and Ozone Air Purification System

Sanipure Pure Compact – UV-C and Ozone Air Purification System


The Sanipure Pure Compact is an air purification system equipped with the latest generation photocatalytic filters with air oxidation that neutralises 99% of the most harmful indoor pollutants such as germ, bacteria, moulds, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOC), viral forms and smells.

Price includes a one-time setup fee of €120.00 with free delivery.


Killer Features

  • Very fast and widespread action
  • Acts on bacteria viruses, mites, pollen, germs and moulds
  • UV lamp works steadily, constantly and continuously for air sterilisation 24 hours a day.
  • No chemical residues are released. Does not deteriorate surfaces and materials.
  • Ozone has extended spectrum of efficiency and returns to oxygen in just 45 minutes!
  • Easy to use Mobile App! Connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant!
  • Certified by an accredited laboratory for the inactivation of the COVID-19 virus also known as coronavirus or simply corona.


Sanitation of indoor air
Eradicate 99% of viruses, mould and bacteria
Can be used in the presence of people
5-year guarantee
Surface treatment with O3 in the absence of people

Stay Protected

  • Suitable for most indoor businesses and buildings including cinemas, theatres, beauty centres, restaurants, schools, gyms, medical, commercial and office buildings.
  • Prevent pollutants from harming you or the people around you with illnesses and ailments such as COVID-19, somnolence, dizziness, headaches, infections in ears, nose, eye and throat, poor or painful breathing and coughing, respiration issues from asthma and tumours, muscle tremors, skin irritation, sweating and cardiovascular illnesses.
  • Protect yourself and your workplace from pollutants found in HVAC air systems, cleaning products, office work tools, use of glues, adhesives, solvents as well as occupants and furnishing.
  • Stay Connected! Wi-Fi connected. Automation made easy using the simple-to-use eWeLink App! Works with most home automation devices such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


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Working capacity (max) 150 m3/h
Laser particles analyzer pm2,5 – VOC Standard
UV-C lights Standard
Sterilization level UVC and Ozone 99,90%
Cotton filter Standard
Voltage/Frequency 230V-115V 50/60 HZ.
Power (max) 30W
Working time 24 Hours
Noise level 25 dB
Ozone production 30 Gr/h
Air monitor Data management by App
Microdust particles indication Standard
Sterilization level UVC and Ozone 99,90%
Wifi module Standard
Overload protection Fuse
Cabinet Painted steel
Dimensions 47x20x26 cm
Weight 5 kg
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